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6,903 views 21 August 2009

Work hard Party harder @ IIM Bangalore

Apart from the hectic study schedule, IIM Bangalore has 23 clubs to cater to the diverse interests of its students

Continuing with our campus trips to the top MBA schools in India, we now move towards down south. Let’s visit the campus of IIM Bangalore and hear the MBA School’s saga straight from its student’s mouth. The MBA School, established in 1973, has the mission to ‘build leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education’. The campus with its stone buildings, which can be credited to the architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, and the world class infrastructure are the factors that make IIM Bangalore unique apart from the various other factors such as its location and its close proximity to the industry.

“One of the best parts about being at IIM Bangalore is the opportunity one gets to interact with people who are not just headline makers, but also great inspirers. The Danish Prime Minister, Doug Baillie, Mallika Sarabhai, P. Chidambaram, Nandan Nilekani, Suhel Seth, Gurcharan Das, CEOs and MDs – the list is awe inspiring. I make sure I never miss any of these talks,” said Sriram C, a student of class of 2011, IIM Bangalore.

All in a day’s work
The students of this leading MBA School have a tight schedule to follow. Even 24 hours seem to be less for them. From morning to afternoon, they remain busy with their classes, discussions and projects. “Staying fit or taking time out for your favourite sport is not something you have to compromise at IIM Bangalore. I love my daily jog,” said Sriram. Evenings are generally kept for preparing for the next day’s classes and quizzes. The internal messenger system Bracket is utilized for chatting with other IIM Bangalore mates, reading novels or just relaxing.

Late night is usually spent in the canteen or L square, the party zone of the MBA School. “The 24-hour canteen is the lifeline of the campus. No matter whether you are in the middle of an assignment or a meeting, the late night urge for a bite will invariably drive you to Athikas. And the Maggi here is delicious! L square is our hallowed dance floor and party animals never miss any party!” said Mayank Jha, another student of IIM Bangalore. When the clock strikes three students are reminded to catch up on their sleep. “IIM Bangalore doesn’t make zombies out of us. After all those classes, projects, talks and parties we do catch our share of sleep. And after all the hard-work and all the fun, you do not have to try too hard to put yourself to sleep,” said Jha.

Students are not only involved in studies and enjoyment; there are other activities which keep the students on their toes throughout the day. “Students manage to find ways to pursue various things that may interest them, on campus. There are 23 student clubs which try and cater to most of them,” said Sriram. Academic Council, Book Rack, the student-run library that holds more than 100 fiction and non-fiction books, MaSh, the Marketing Shrine, Networth, the Finance Club, ICON, the Consulting Club, Operations Society, Cul Com, the cultural society are some of the clubs.

Sports also form an important component in the students’ lives. According to the students of IIM Bangalore, they take the games very seriously and clean sweep the other teams in the inter-IIM sports meet. “The sporting religion here is Tsepak and the Tsepak Kings, the high priests. Sports competitions at various levels: inter-block, inter-section, inter-IIM run through the year and it is virtually impossible not to be involved,” said Jha.

Hangout zones of IIM Bangalore
Students voted L square the coolest hangout zone of the MBA School. All the parties, birthdays and other celebrations which take place here make sure that all the students congregate. “The epicentre of the famed L square parties that are organized once a fortnight offer the students the perfect getaway from studies. The college band and equally competent Disc Jockeying only make the experience better,” said Sriram of IIM Bangalore.

Hostel life
Students feel the bond that grows among the batchmates is the best thing about the hostel. “From one massive complex full of connected hostels to a lone mess for all the students, you are bound to run into almost everybody who is a student here.” This is how some of the best relationships are forged here, explained Jha. “Furthermore, there is a very healthy interaction between the first and the second year students and that goes to build the intra hostel culture which lends itself to student life here,” he said.

Events to look forward
The students mentioned that Unmaad and Vista are the two biggest events managed by the students of the MBA School. Unmaad is IIM Bangalore’s cultural fest. “With events ranging from Rock Shows, Fashion Show, Choreography, Pro-nite Performances to Debates, Jam, Quiz, Art events, Dramatics, Street Play, Music and Games, Unmaad is three days of non-stop action and fun that promises you the experience of a lifetime,” said Sriram.

Vista is the business fest of IIM Bangalore. “Forum for Industrial Interaction or FII is the club that conducts Vista. Other clubs on campus, namely MaSH (the Marketing Club), Icon (the Consulting Club), EnI (the Entrepreneurship Club) and NetWorth (the Finance Club) pitch in, with events of their own,” informed Jha. A cultural and informal element is provided to this business fest by the Cultural Committee and the Dramatics Society. “To sum up, Vista is where all of IIM Bangalore comes together to display its might to the world,” added Jha.

For the IIM Bangalore aspirants
The students mention that apart from the CAT entrance exam scores, IIM Bangalore also gives weightage to the consistency in academic and extra-curricular performances. According to them, the MBA School lays significant stress on diverse profiles, interests and fields of excellence. “Hence, CAT entrance exam – though being a major filter, is not always an entry barrier for securing admission to IIM Bangalore,” said Sriram. Thus, the bottom line for getting in IIM Bangalore according to its students is – crack the CAT entrance exam with a balanced score, and do interviews well. Nothing really different!

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